Creator Campaign

Callux partnered with men’s health charity Movember to open up the discussion around mental health. The campaign aimed to get a generation who have been hit hard by COVID, talking about their feelings.


Movember tasked content creator and After Party Studios founder Callux with creating two YouTube films to encourage his fans to talk more about their feelings.



Across two films, After Party Studios and Callux were able to reveal an often unseen side of the creator’s life. With so many young people idolising YouTuber’s, there’s a real pressure to entertain and ‘be happy’. This campaign provides a rare opportunity to open up, push a powerful message and point anyone who is struggling in the right direction.


The reaction to the campaign has been overwhelming. The views, engagement and watch-time only tell half the story, with many young fans reaching out to Callux to thank him for opening up and sharing their own stories. We hope the videos provide both inspiration and reassurance to anyone who might be struggling.

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